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What we do?

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Tomorrow offers simple access to the highest quality Medical Biostasis services from best international providers. Tomorrow organizes the whole process from A to Z. We believe that Biostasis should be an option for everybody regardless of financial status - with our insurance partners we offer high-quality Biostasis for a monthly fee starting from ≈ 10 Euro up to ≈ 90 Euro. The exact price depends on age, contract tier and coverage duration. We also offer one-time payments. You can apply for a contract by signing up online in minutes or by contacting us directly.

Medical excellence

We’re establishing and expanding a large network of medical experts available for stand-by in Germany, Switzerland most European countries (soon)

Research at the core

Biomedical research is of crucial importance for the future of Biostasis and at core of Tomorrow’s mission.

Continuous support

Our team is available to support you during the sign up process and thereafter. Please do not hesitate to get in contact. Contact us